Suzuki GN250 GS300 GT380 GS400 GS450 Fork Seal and Wiper Kit


K&L Fork Seals and wiper kits are the highest quality available and are exact replacements for most applications listed. Made in Japan. Fork Seals and wiper sold in pairs. Fork Seal Dimensions 33x46x11mm

Fits Suzuki Street:
GN250 Z/D '82-'83
GN250F '85
GN250J '88
GS250 TT/TX '80-'81
GT250 M/A/B Hustler '75-'77
GS300 LZ/LD '82-'83
GS300 LF '85
GT380 L/M/A/B Sebring '74-'77
GS400 B/XB/C/XC '77-'78
GS425 N/EN/LN '79
GS450 ET/EX/EZ/ED '80-'83
GS450 GAZ/GAD Automatic '82-'83
GS450 GAF Automatic '85
GS450 LT/LX/LZ '80-'82
GS450 ST/SX '80-'81
GS450 TX/TZ '81-'82
GS450 TXZ/TXD '82-'83

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  • Model: FSW-1431
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  • Manufactured by: K&L

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